English Speaking Bowling League
Vienna, Austria, 2022-2023 Season (and points past...)

We are a mixed (M/F), handicap league meeting at 7:30PM on Wednesday nights at the Phoenix Bowling Hall in the 17th District. We always manage to have slots open for new team members and substitutes. If you or anyone you know would like to join us please feel free to contact us via the mailto address listed below.

League President: WILLY Yim
Vice President: THOMAS Eichinger
Secretary/Tres.: DON Bourdage

Thursday, September 22nd update: And we're on!...

We're still looking for an 18th team and all suggestions are welcome! Here's the roster form: TMRSTR23.pdf.

Also remember to do a page refresh on your browser to see latest results. (You may otherwise still be seeing a cached page from a previous view.)

To again save you from having to scroll past our long record of crisis dealings and deliberations in the last year, I've consolidated it into a separate info page here. - Don

We hope you all enjoyed our Awards Banquet which we celebrated Saturday, September 3rd, 2022, at the Schutzhaus Zukunft ("auf der Schmeltz") (Schutzhaus Zukunft auf der Schmelz),

Note: I've got a zip file of the photos our DJs graciously took for us. Now, I just have to figure out a way to make them available given our limited webspace. Stay tuned!

A REMINDER: Our advantageous bowling price is based on the expectation by the alley management that we each consume our share of the food and drink on offer. So ENJOY and help keep up the arrangement!

Previous Awards Banquet pictures should all still be available at: www.nitelife.magix.net - Thanks guys!

You can see your total efforts for the last and previous seasons in the Year End Team Results List page (see links below).

League email continues on yahoo.com (see pointer below).

ESBL Membership Cards are still available for those not yet in posession. These cards are meant to assure you can always bowl for the league price (2.10) whenever you're at the lanes (check with the front desk for any exceptions). Please print your name and provide your signature on the back of the card when you get it. Note: Team Captains and/or substitutes themselves should check with Don about obtaining theirs.

Don't forget our INFO BOARDS in the corner near lanes 26-27. You can doublecheck the schedule or handicap information, etc., on site and not just on the web!

Watch here for additional info... -Don BTW, we are always in need of new members and substitutes, so encourage your friends to come along with you so we can get to know them and invite them to join us!

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