2019-2020 BY-LAWS


(approved on August 21, 2019)


General:  The English Speaking Bowling League shall consist of twenty (20) teams with a playing strength of two (2) men and two (2) women. Membership in the Bowling League is open only to English speaking persons (except persons presently in the League) of the Vienna community on a space available basis. The league is an adult bowling league and persons less than eighteen (18) years of age will not be allowed in the league.  Eligibility of new members is defined in Rule 20 below.  NON-BOWLERS ARE NOT PERMITTED IN THE BOWLING AREA.


Rule 1 - Management: The management of the league shall be vested in the Board of Directors, which shall consist of the elected officers (President, Vice-President/Comptroller, and Secretary/Treasurer) and all team captains. The administration of the league shall be vested in the Executive Committee, which shall consist of the elected officers and two (2) team captains, who shall be elected by the Board of Directors at their first meeting. The Executive Committee acts on behalf of the Board of Directors in all league affairs. The Board of Directors shall adopt the League Rules and the Executive Committee will administer them. The entire League Membership shall elect officers at the end of the bowling season for the forthcoming season. (Note: An elected officer may not also serve as a team captain.) At any meeting of the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee, or League Membership, a simple majority shall constitute a quorum. Should any member of the Executive Committee be unable, for any reason, to fulfill the duties of his office, a replacement shall be elected by the Board.


Rule 2 - Time and Place of Bowling:  The date, time, and place of bowling shall be determined by the Board of Directors of the English Speaking Bowling League, for a period of thirty-eight (38) bowling nights. League bowling will be held according to the schedule approved at the organizational meeting. AFTER lane maintenance and preceding league bowling, NO ONE is allowed to prebowl (practice) on ANY of the the league lanes on that night. This is to assure that everyone enjoys the same lane conditions across all lanes. The penalty for breaking this rule is that the bowler’s scores will be declared invalid and the appropriate blind score will be taken instead. The pins will be lowered and set for 10 minutes of practice bowling at exactly 7:30 p.m.   Note that waiting for your ball to return to “complete a frame” is unnecessary and discourteous to your fellow bowlers still waiting their turn. Once the computers are setup and alley management switches over to regular play NO MORE PRACTICE BALLS will be allowed (or possible). All teams shall begin bowling without delay.  If there is not a legal line-up in accordance with rule six (6) by 7:45 p.m., the team shall forfeit that game.


Rule 3 - Secretary/Treasurer's Salary:  The Secretary/Treasurer's salary shall be € 3.00 per team per week, and shall be paid at the completion of the schedule, unless authorized in writing by the Executive Committee. Full payment shall not be authorized by the Executive Committee until the Secretary/Treasurer has submitted final individual averages and all appropriate records.


Rule 4 - Fees:  Acceptance in the league carries the obligation to pay all fees and any assessments necessary to cover league obligations. Should a deficit be anticipated, team captains must be notified. The amount to be paid by each bowler is determined by the Board of Directors to cover the cost of the approved league Budget. There shall be no arrearage unless authorized by the Executive Committee! Substitutes will be required to pay the full bowling fee. Fillers will be expected to pay at least the cost of bowling; the remainder of the fee for fillers will be the responsibility of the individual team. Each team captain is responsible for paying the full fee for 4 players for each night of scheduled bowling.


Rule 5 - Team Rosters:  Captains shall turn in rosters of the team members to the Secretary/Treasurer no later than 24 hours prior to the start of the schedule. Rosters shall consist of a minimum of four (4) and not more than ten (10) players. Any changes in the team rosters must be reported to the Secretary/Treasurer before the league bowls. All games bowled by an ineligible person shall not be counted and a blind score shall be used.


Rule 6 - Legal Line-up:  Two (2) players from a team's current roster must be present and bowl at the start of each game, or the game shall be forfeited. In a forfeit situation the following will apply:

·         the forfeiting team receives no points.

·         the team present must bowl as though the game was contested (no sandbagging!).  To earn points the team playing must bowl against the forfeiting team's four lowest blinds (i.e. the two lowest female and the two lowest male averages each minus 10 points plus handicaps).

·         a player of the forfeiting team who is present may bowl and his/her scores will qualify for individual awards.  The scores, however, will not be included in the team's total pins.

Once play has started in a game no player may be replaced by another player in that game. Any person can bowl as a filler with the permission of both team captains. Any situation not covered above will be presented to the Executive Committee for final resolution.

Rule 7 - Substitutes:  The league shall designate, by name, a list of substitutes approved by the Secretary/Treasurer. Men must substitute for men and women for women. No one may bowl with more than one team for the regularly scheduled games each week. Once a substitute's name is placed on a team roster, the name shall be withdrawn from the substitute list permanently, unless authorized by the Executive Committee. A substitute cannot bowl with the same team on three (3) consecutive bowling nights unless approved by the Executive Committee. A person will only be eligible for being put on the list of substitutes if the expected stay in Vienna will be for at least a ninety (90) day duration.   New substitutes must be reported to the Secretary/Treasurer before the league bowls.


Rule 7A - Substitutes on last night of the season:  Any team with a mathematical chance of winning a trophy on the last night can use only bowlers who have been on the team roster for at least the previous three bowling nights, unless a new team member has already bowled at least 27 games in the league during the current season.  Exceptions:  (1) A substitute from the substitute list who has already bowled 15 games during the current season may bowl; or (2) If no such substitute is available, a team unable to come up with a full squad because of circumstances beyond its control can ask the Executive Committee, no later than the Monday before the last night, to find a substitute.  The Executive Committee, if satisfied that no appropriate bowler on the substitute list will be able to bowl, will try to find for the team another bowler from the substitute list  whose handicap is not controversial and who would promise to bowl his/her best.  The team can either accept the Committee's choice if a willing substitute can be found, or use a blind, according to Rule 8.


Rule 8 - Blind Scores:  Blind scores shall be allowed when a team has a legal line-up, but less than a full one at the start of each game in a series. The blind score shall be the average, less ten (10) pins, of the absent bowler on the roster of the missing sex having the lowest average. The handicap shall be figured on the normal average of this person. If no missing team player of a legal lineup has established an average then the blind score shall be based on a 120 average, thus resulting in a score of 110 pins plus 72 pins handicap.



Rule 9 - Postponements:  No postponement or pre-bowl games will be authorized.



Rule 10 - Tardy Players:  Any player who arrives late shall be permitted to bowl from the first frame, with the score to count, provided the match has not progressed beyond the third (3rd) frame. The tardy player shall bowl all frames to catch up before the fourth frame begins.


Rule 11 - Position Standings:  Standings will be determined on a point basis, with one (l) point awarded for each game won and one (l) point for series in each match. In case of a tie, one half point will be awarded to each team.


Rule 12 - Handicaps: The handicap allowance (see Annex 2) shall be ninety percent (90%) for players under 60 years of age at the start of the bowling season and ninety-five percent (95%) for players 60 and over at the start of the season and shall be calculated on the difference between the scratch average and 200 pins. The maximum handicap allowed shall be ninety (90) for those under 60 and ninety-five (95) for those 60 and over.  Negative handicaps shall be used for any averages currently over our base average (200).


(a)       For new members: If the new member bowled in a recognized league the previous year then his or her average from that league will be used and handicap will be set as defined in part (b) below.  Otherwise, the handicap will be computed after the first complete series of three (3) consecutive games bowled in one evening, and will be based on the player’s average for that three-game series. This handicap shall apply for the first series bowled and for the next series in which the bowler competes. Thereafter, the handicap shall be based on the current average. Each bowler must bowl three (3) games in the first series in which they compete to qualify for handicap. In the event that the bowler cannot bowl the three (3) games in the first series, NO games shall count and rule 8 will prevail.


(b)       For continuing players (members and substitutes) from the previous season: Until the player has bowled a complete series of three (3) consecutive games in one evening, the handicap will be based on the average from the previous season. Thereafter, until the player has bowled twenty-one (21) games, the handicap will be recalculated after each evening of bowling, based on a ‘handicap average’ calculated as a weighted combination of the player’s average from the previous season and the average achieved in the current season, as follows:


                                        (Last Year's Avg.) x (21-No. of Games) + (Total Pins this season)

          Handicap Average =  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

                                                                                21 Games

            After the player has bowled twenty-one (21) games, the handicap will be based on the average in the current season only.


(c)        The team handicap for each scheduled match shall be the total of the individual handicaps for the players in the line-up. In the event a substitute is used; the handicap for the substitute will be used in place of the handicap of the absent team member. See Rule 8 for handicaps for blind scores.






Rule 13 - Fouls and Foul Detecting Devices:  The foul detecting devices shall be used during league bowling. The team captains are responsible to test this equipment prior to the start of the match and thereafter at any time they deem necessary during the match. If at any time the team captains agree that the foul detecting equipment is not working properly, this must be immediately reported to the Brunswick Management. If the equipment cannot be repaired without undue delay, the team captains may agree to have the foul detectors turned off on the alley in question and the match will be continued without the use of this equipment. Body fouls shall be called on any alley or alleys whether or not the foul detecting equipment has been turned off. Team captains are responsible to ensure that each team member respects the foul line.


Rule 14 - Playoffs:  Total pins in one (1) game shall determine the winners of any playoffs for a team trophy position. Playoffs will be bowled on a pair of lanes in the event of a tie. An extra complete (10th) frame shall be bowled in the event of a tie at the end of the playoff game. When more than two (2) teams are tied, two (2) pairs of lanes shall be used. Scores in such playoffs shall not count toward individual or team averages or special prize awards offered by the league. The same players will be expected to bowl in a playoff that bowled in the position round resulting in a tie. No substitutes will be allowed to bowl in any playoff.


Rule 15 - Awards - Prizes:  The Board of Directors shall decide which prizes are to be awarded and allocate sufficient funds from the league budget to cover their cost. An Awards Committee of three (3) shall be elected by the Board of Directors to be responsible for the ordering and engraving of all prizes. The Executive Committee is responsible to review league records to ensure the proper winners of awards. TEAM PLACEMENT AWARDS (maximum of eight) will be awarded for the first three (3) places. TEAM SPECIAL AWARDS (maximum of four, consisting of the four team members who participated) will be awarded for High-Team-Scratch Series, High-Team-Scratch Game for the first and second place; and for High-Team-Handicap Series, High-Team-Handicap Game for the first, and second and third place. INDIVIDUAL SPECIAL AWARDS will be awarded for High-Individual-Scratch Series, High Individual Scratch Game for the first and second place Man and Woman; High-Individual-Handicap Series, High-Individual-Handicap Game for the first, second and third place Men and Women. INDIVIDUAL HONOR AWARDS will be awarded for High Average first and second place Men and Women and for Most Improved Bowler Year-on-Year first place Man and Woman ONLY.


ELIGIBILITY:  A team may win only team placement and one team special award. An individual may win one or both individual honor awards and one individual special award but may not win two or more individual special awards. A bowler, including substitutes, must have bowled twenty-seven (27) games to qualify for any award.


A team, to be eligible for any team placement award, must have at least four (4) players who have bowled twenty-seven (27) games.


If, due to changes in the team roster, more than ten (10) members of a team are eligible for Team Placement Awards, then the ten (10) awards (see first paragraph of Rule 15) will go to the ten (10) eligible team members having the highest number of games bowled.


Individual awards with handicap (high game and series) will be based on handicaps established after the individual has bowled twenty-one (21) games; after the 21st game is bowled, that handicap will be used to compute the individual's high game with handicap and high series with handicap up through the individual's 21st game.


Team awards with handicap (high game and series) will be based on handicaps established after the team has bowled twenty-one (21) games. The individual handicaps computed after the 21st team game is bowled will be used to compute the team high game with handicap and the team high series with handicap up through the 21st team game.


The league will not be responsible for shipping awards and prizes to players who have left Vienna.


SPECIAL AWARD NIGHT:  Dependent on availability of funds, there will be a “Special Awards Night” approximately every other week. The Award(s), and the stipulations for winning the Award(s), will be determined by the Awards Committee. The Awards will also be purchased and presented by a member of the Awards Committee.


Rule 16 - General Regulations: Unless there are specific local rules covering any situation, American Bowling Congress (USBC) rules shall apply.



Rule 17 - Complaints: Any league member may file a complaint, protest, etc., to his or her team captain or an executive committee member. The team captain or executive committee member must present the complaint in writing by the end of the next evening of bowling to the Executive Committee for action. Any two (2) team captains together may call a meeting of the Board of Directors by filing a written request with the Secretary/Treasurer. The Secretary/Treasurer will notify each member of the Board of Directors one (1) week before any such meeting, giving the time and place of the meeting. The meeting must be held no later than fourteen (14) days from the date the request is received by the Secretary/Treasurer. At the discretion of the Board of Directors appropriate punitive measures could be imposed including forfeiting of games, if the rules defined by the By-Laws are not observed by teams or their members.



Rule 18 - Captain's Responsibilities: Each team captain is responsible for giving the Secretary/Treasurer the team's fee no later than 7:45 p.m. The team captain is responsible to assure that each member of the team abides by the published rules and that they understand all those rules. The team captain (or alternate) is the only member of the team who may take a dispute to the league President or Secretary/Treasurer. Team captains (or the alternate) are also responsible for verifying the scores of their team and that of their opponent each night of competition. Once both team captains have signed the score sheets the scores stand as official (except for arithmetical errors detected and corrected by the secretary). However, a protest of the scores by either team captain may be entered, but must be submitted prior to the beginning of the next regularly scheduled bowling session.


Rule 19 - League Awards Banquet: A Banquet Committee of three (3) members shall be elected by the Board of Directors. It is the responsibility of the Banquet Committee to make all arrangements for the Awards Banquet within the allocated budget as determined by the Board of Directors. The Awards Banquet shall be free ONLY to members of the league and substitutes who have bowled at least thirty-six (36) games. Each member of the league and each substitute is entitled to bring guests to the banquet on a space available basis. All guests shall be charged a fee as set by the Banquet Committee and approved by the Executive Committee. League members and substitutes who have bowled less than the required thirty-six (36) games will be charged a prorated banquet fee as determined by the Banquet Committee and approved by the Executive Committee. There shall be no refund to any league member who is unable, for any reason, to attend the banquet.


Rule 20 - New Membership Eligibility: New members of the league are to be conversant in English, and understand that English is the primary language of the League and that the League is a handicapped hobby league serving a social function for members of the international community.  The new member should present himself or herself to the Secretary/Treasurer before the start of bowling and supply contact information for the league records.


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                                                                                                Home Tel.                        Office Tel.  or Handy

President:                             Willy Yim                            0660-668-8899

Vice-President:                   Thomas Eichinger             0664-415-9160






Sec./Treas.:                          Don Bourdage                     485-6910                          0664-590-8534

Team Captain:                    Christa Bass                        0676-941-4421               

Team Captain:                    Martha                                  0699-1-924-6156

Bowling alley telephone number: 486-4361




The 2019-2020 season begins on the 28th of August, at 7:30 p.m. at the Schumanngasse Phoenix Bowling Center for period of thirty-eight (38) bowling nights. The fee for this season shall be €10.00 per player per night, of which

€ 6.30 is for the cost of bowling. Each team captain is responsible for paying € 40.00 for each night of scheduled bowling.